Selina Boan and Kenny Park work on the audio recording of their latest episode for the in[Tuition] podcast produced by and for UBC students on Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018. (Photo by Abigail Saxton)

Embedding Empathy into Open Learning

For Cindy Underhill empathy supports open learning: “For me, inclusive learning means you are really attending to a student’s sense of belonging, their ideas about relevance and the diversity of experiences they’re bringing to that learning environment.”

Significant Use and Support for Open Resources at UBC

Significant Use and Support for Open Resources at UBC

In academic year 2018, an estimated 15,388 UBC students were impacted by courses using open resources in place of paid textbooks or readings.
UBC Jupyter Day 2018

UBC JupyterDay 2018

The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) and UBC Department of Mathematics invite you to UBC JupyterDay 2018! Jupyter is an open web application for producing computational narratives: a notebook in the browser which runs code and renders text, mathematical notation, images and videos. JupyterDay is an opportunity for instructors, researchers and students at UBC to share their Jupyter experiences and to learn about new Jupyter tools.

UBC alumna Ernielly Leo uses an augmented reality app to tour Vancouver's historic Chinatown neighbourhood. Developed by UBC professor Siobhán McPhee and students, the app is a historical walking tour that uses geolocation and audio files to enhance a user's experience. (Photo by Abigail Saxton)

Expanding Learning Spaces Beyond Classroom Walls

UBC geography professor Siobhán McPhee is using technology to expand traditional learning spaces and make education accessible and relevant to more students.