2020 Leaders in Open Learning

Chelsea Himsworth

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Seeing a gap in resources available to her students, Dr. Himsworth began a project in 2019 to develop a science communication open textbook that focused on communication of risk in the scientific context. Working from the first version of the text, Dr. Himsworth is now incorporating open pedagogy into the textbooks construction using student developed content and improving the experience of the textbook through investigating interactives.

Mike Marin

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Mike Marin is a leader in open education and is committed to making learning accessible for all. He runs a YouTube channel where he has posted over a hundred lecture-style videos covering topics in which he is a subject matter expert. Subjects of his videos include hypothesis testing, bootstrapping, univariate and multivariate analysis, and R programming. These videos have been integrated into the core statistical methods course for MSc students in the School of Population and Public Health, “Statistics for Health Research,” and have greatly enhanced the learning of students grappling with distant and online education necessitated by the current pandemic. In addition to these online videos, accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, Mike has also made extensive module notes available free of charge, meaning students are not required to purchase expensive textbooks.

Claudia Krebs

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Dr. Claudia Krebs teaches neuroanatomy and gross anatomy at UBC and has created high quality open educational resources for neuroscience and anatomy for UBC and the global community. These resources include syllabi, videos e-books, online modules, and interactive web materials. According to Dr. Krebs, "The more an institution opens itself to the world the better it is for the institution. The more we are aware of the challenges that other universities have and the more we can reach out and collaborate as partners to work on global issues, such as access to information and access to education, the better it is for everyone"