OER Champions 2021

Adam SaundersUBC Sauder School of BusinessDr. Adam Saunders makes course content more accessible for his students by assigning an open-source textbook.  He also enhances student learning by integrating the textbook with quizzes and exams.​
Mark HarrisInstitute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social JusticeDr. Mark Harris cares about equal access in all aspects of his teaching. He posts a variety of course materials on Canvas and ensures that each topic has additional resources that are freely accessible. 
Marcello PavanDepartment of Physics and AstronomyProf. Pavan has been using open textbooks in his PHYS100 courses for several years.
Maja KrzicDepartment of Applied Biology & Forestry Conservation SciencesDr. Maja Krzic is a key part  of the Virtual Soil Science Learning Resources (VSSLR) group and has recently co-edited the open textbook Digging into Canadian Soils: An Introduction to Soil Science which brings together 36 authors from across Canada.​
Luis LinaresDepartment of Electrical & Computer EngineeringDr. Luis Linares champions open learning through his creation of video lectures that cover the entirety of ELEC201.  Dr. Linares’s publicly posted videos have received thousands of views.  ​
Lisa OsborneDepartment of Microbiology & ImmunologyDr. Lisa Osborne provides a free textbook for MICB202 that is crucial for student learning.  Powerpoints, notes, and other resources are also available to students at no cost. ​
Lindsay CuffDepartment of Food, Nutrition & HealthProfessor Cuff supports the use of OER and recently received an OER Fund grant to create a Scholarly Communication Open Textbook for Forestry and Land & Food Systems students. 
Lilian MayDepartment of PsychologyDr. Lillian May served as an open champion during the transition to online learning when she altered her course reading lists to contain only open content that was freely accessible to all her students. ​
Konstanti BeznosovDepartment of Electrical & Computer EngineeringDr. Konstantin Beznosov has extensive knowledge of how to integrate open source materials into his classes.​
Kate WeinbergerSchool of Population & Public HealthDr. Kate Weinberger recognizes and appreciates access barriers and makes an effort to ensure all class materials are available at no cost to students.​
Joanne Turner UBC Sauder School of Business Professor Joanne Turner provides her students with up-to-date materials on marketing strategies and purpose-driven brands. She also made a key course reading freely available for students.
Joanna McGrenereDepartment of Computer ScienceProfessor McGrenere teaches CPSC110 which uses OER videos and problems rather than requiring us to purchase a textbook. All materials are posted online.
Jay WickendenDepartment of ChemistryDr. Jay Wickenden teaches CHEM233 and uses a freely available alternative to a costly traditional textbook.​
Javed IqbalDepartment of Physics &AstronomyDr. Javed Iqbal teaches PHYS131 which uses a freely available and openly licensed textbook rather than paid materials. ​
Gregor KiczalesDepartment of Computer Science Professor Kiczales uses open-source materials in his courses including CPSC110. The materials include openly licensed video lectures, resource materials, and problem banks. 
Graham HendraDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringDr. Graham Hendra uses a responsive open textbook on heat transfer formatted with LaTeX.  As part of a foundational course, Dr. Hendra’s open practices impact hundreds of students each year. ​
Gordon ChristiePeter A. Allard School of LawDr. Gordon Christie ensures that all resources used in class are freely accessible through the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII).​
Gabriel PotvinDepartment of Chemical & Biological EngineeringDr. Gabriel Potvin leads open learning at UBC by providing open-source resources and formulating complete slide-decks that minimize the need for costly textbooks.​
George RiegrDepartment of Physics & AstronomyProf. Rieger has incorporated an open textbook into his physics teaching and has eliminated textbook costs in Physics 117. He also received an OER Fund grant to create an enhanced open physics textbook that will be useful for all students whose first language is not English.
Erik KwakkelSchool of Information, Library & Archival StudiesDr. Erik Kwakkel builds his courses around content that is free and open to students.  By directing students to open resources, Dr. Kwakkel uplifts the work of other open scholars.​
Elyse YeagerDepartment of MathematicsDr. Elyse Yeager is one of the three faculty members in Mathematics behind the CLP series of free online texts used by thousands of UBC students every year. ​
Elisa BaniassadDepartment of Computer ScienceDr. Elisa Baniassad continues to impress students with the quality of OER she integrates into her software engineering course.  In addition to replacing a costly textbook, she engages students with open resources that exceed expectations. ​
Dragos GhiocaDepartment of MathematicsProfessor Ghioca offered open textbook and course notes for all students. 
Mark Mac LeanDepartment of MathematicsDr. Mark Mac Lean uses a UBC-developed open textbook for his MATH104 course.  Dr. Mac Lean further supplements the textbook with workbooks and practice questions to enrich student understanding. 
Michelle WalksInstitute for Gender, Race, Sexuality &Social JusticeDr. Michelle Walks recognizes the burden that costly educational materials places on students.  She has planned her course around online and affordable materials. ​
Munir SquiresVancouver Schools of EconomicsDr. Munir Squires teaches his courses using freely available readings and resources rather than paid materials.​
Nelly PanteDepartment of ZoologyDr. Nelly Panté is very accessible outside of classes and strives to help students with their concerns.  She provides her students with a free online textbook.​
Nisha MalhotraVancouver Schools of Economics Dr. Nisha Malhotra has created a freely accessible textbook for her ECON255 course.  Her students appreciate the affordability of her class resources. ​
Patrick WallsDepartment of MathematicsDr. Patrick Walls is an open leader on campus through the publication of his linear algebra textbook on GitHub. In addition to his own resources, Dr. Walls promotes the work of other open scholars by pointing students to their resources. ​
Nojang KhatamiDepartment of Political ScienceDr. Nojang Khatami made many of the required readings for his POLI240 course freely available, relieving a significant financial burden for his students.  ​
Paul CarterDepartment of Computer ScienceDr. Paul Carter provides a variety of learning materials including videos, readings, and code samples at no additional cost to his students. ​
Robyn NewellSchool of Biomedical EngineeringDr. Robyn Newell is leading a group of students in creating a problem bank of biomechanics questions.  Available on WeBWork, this invaluable resource enriches the learning of many students at UBC and beyond.​
Roland StullDepartment of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric ScienceDr. Roland Stull is a longstanding open champion.  His open textbook, Practical Meteorology, was one of the earliest open textbooks created and used at UBC and other institutions. ​
Simon BatesDepartment of Physicals & AstronomyDr. Simon Bates has been a huge leader in making open a strong practice at UBC-V. He has used open resources in his courses and has championed policies and funding for Open Education.​
Simon LolliotDepartment of PsychologyDr. Simon Lolliot was an early adopter of open textbooks rather than paid textbooks.  Beyond cost-saving, his incorporation of interactive materials further bolsters student learning and engagement.​
Siobhán McElduffDepartment of Classics, Near Eastern & Religious StudiesDr. Siobhán McElduff is engaged in Open Pedagogy through the creation of open resources with her students, including a reader co-produced with students as part of her course on socially stigmatized groups in ancient Rome. ​
Stefan LukitsDepartment of PhilosophyDr. Stefan Lukits ensures that all readings for PHIL375 are available to students for free.  With over 40 mandatory readings and another 40 optional readings, Dr. Lukits’s efforts make a substantial difference for students. ​
Strang BurtonLinguisticsDr. Burton teaches LING 101 which has no assigned textbooks and he is organized and wants students to succeed. Dr. Burton is also a contributor to the openly licensed eNunciate! site which is an OER that incorporates ultrasound visual technology into pronunciation teaching resources, self-paced learning modules, and more.
Surita JhangianiDepartment of Education, Counseling & Counselling PsychologyDr. Jhiangini recently received an OER grant to create ancillary resources that would complement the open resources that are currently used in her courses. 
Susan HollingsheadDepartment of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science Dr. Susan Hollingshead was one of the first professors to adopt e-textbooks and has been providing them to her students free of cost for years. Her students appreciate her thoughtfulness and care. ​
Sven BachmanDepartment of MathematicsDr. Sven Bachmann teaches MATH100 which uses an online textbook that is free of cost to students rather than paid materials.​
Tara MulderDepartment of Classics, Near Eastern & Religious Studies Dr. Tara Mulder has created an openly licensed textbook that ensures her CLST105 students incur no material costs.  Dr. Mulder also engages in open pedagogy by having her students comment on and interact with the text using Hyposthes.is.​
Tracy KionDepartment of Science, Microbiology & ImmunologyDr. Tracy Kion consistently provides useful course materials and has adapted various course topics into easy-to-read chapters on Canvas with great interactive components attached to each chapter.
Trevor CampbellDepartment of StatisticsDr. Trevor Campbell ensures that all materials used in his course are freely available, both in final and source code form, to students and the general public.
Ziliang YeDepartment of Physics & AstronomyDr. Ziliang Ye has adopted an open textbook for PHYS117 which he supplements with problem sets, tutorials, and pre-recorded lectures.  Teaching a first-year physics course, Dr. Ye’s efforts have collectively saved students thousands of dollars. 
Uma KumarDepartment of Classics, Near Eastern & Religious Studies Dr. Uma Kumar’s students appreciate the work she does to curate course readings and other relevant resources that are openly accessible. 
Yvonne DawydiakFaculty of EducationDr. Dawydiak supports the use of open resources in UBC’s Teaching Education Program. She created the Scarfe Sandbox, an OER bank of teaching and learning resources.
Adrian LouSchool of Journalism, Writing, and MediaProf. Lou teaches WRDS 150A where he makes course materials, including slides openly available for his students.
Agnes d’EntremontDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringDr. Agnes d’Entremont is a strong advocate for the use of OER on campus, especially for engineering students. She not only uses OER for her courses but also actively works towards contributing to the OER community. 
Amir ShivaDepartment of AnthropologyDr. Amir Shiva teaches a first-year anthropology course and ensures that all course readings and materials are available to students at no cost.
Amy MetcalfeDepartment of Educational StudiesDr. Metcalf uses open resources in her teaching and has supported the use of OER within the Department of Educational Studies at UBC. She was recently involved in a project to make OER developed by instructors in her department more easily accessible to other instructors and students.
Anders KraalDepartment of PhilosophyDr. Anders Kraal prioritizes providing course resources that are free of cost which allows students to focus on course content rather than how they will pay for materials.​
Benjamin CheungDepartment of PyschologyProfessor Cheung uses open textbooks in his teaching and has modified an open psychology textbook to include updated gender pronouns, diversified names and pictures of people, and updating the research to both exclude outdated information that is no longer valid and include new research.
Candice RideoutDepartment of Food, Nutrition, & HealthDr. Candice Rideout goes above and beyond to engage students with a variety of insightful course content that is free of cost to students and greatly enhances class discussion. ​
Cinda HeerenDepartment of Computer ScienceDr. Cinda Heeren’s contributions to open learning make her an open leader on campus. She engages with open platforms and goes above and beyond to promote a sense of academic freedom and accessibility. ​
Colin B. MacdonaldDepartment of MathematicsDr. Colin B. Macdonald created the Octave symbolic package which he uses to great extent in his class.  This is a significant resource to those who do not have access to Matlab both at UBC and beyond.  ​