OER Champions 2022

Kate KingsburyAnthropologyDr. Kate Kingsbury assigns no required textbook for ANTH 202A, but instead teaches with custom videos and freely available resources.​
Robyn NewellBiomedical EngineeringDr. Robyn Newell is leading a group of students in creating a problem bank of biomechanics questions. Available on WeBWork, this invaluable resource enriches the learning of many students at UBC and beyond.​
Donald WongBotanyDonald Wong prioritizes the student experience and does not require the purchase of a textbook for BIOL 200.​
Tao HuanChemistryDr. Tao Huan teaches CHEM 211 using openly licensed online course materials including textbooks, case studies, and data sets.​
Pamela WolfCivil EngineeringA passionate advocate for open resources and Indigenous reconciliation through the engineering curriculum, Professor Wolf spearheaded the creation of the Decolonizing Engineering Curriculum open textbook.​
Nika MartinussenEngineering PhysicsNika Martinussen, a student in engineering physics, worked with Professor Wolf to support the creation of the Decolonizing the Engineering Curriculum open textbook. ​
Gregor KiczalesComputer ScienceProfessor Kiczales uses open-source materials in his courses including CPSC110. The materials include openly licensed video lectures, resource materials, and problem banks. ​
Cinda HeeranComputer ScienceDr. Cinda Heeren’s contributions to open learning make her an open leader on campus. She engages with open platforms and goes above and beyond to promote a sense of academic freedom and accessibility. ​
Wei LiEconomicsDr. Wei Li offers course materials which are customized for ECON 304, contain different difficulty levels, and are free of cost to students.​
David GaertnerFirst Nations and Indigenous StudiesDr. David Gaertner is leading the way for open education in First Nations and Indigenous Studies and educating his students on the implications of open knowledge. While Open Education finds more tensions in the humanities, Dr Gaertner has embraced this dialogue within his classroom by exploring traditional knowledge licenses vs. creative commons licenses.​
Lindsay CuffFood, Nutrition, and HealthProfessor Lindsay Cuff supports the use of OER and received an OER Fund grant to create Writing Place: A Scholarly Writing Textbook for Forestry and Land & Food Systems students. ​
Candice RideoutFood, Nutrition, and HealthDr. Candice Rideout goes above and beyond to engage students with a variety of insightful course content that is free of cost to students and greatly enhances class discussion.
David BunnForestryInstead of assigning a textbook for his CONS 101 class, Dr. David Bunn makes use of openly licensed videos and lectures, as well as resources available through the library. ​
Kathryn McKayGeographyProfessor Kathryn McKay uses an open access textbook to teach HIST 105 and connects her students with open resources such as Open History Seminar to stimulate class discussions.​
Nina HewittGeographyDr. Nina Hewitt contributed to the creation of the Laboratory Manual for Introduction to Physical Geography, a cross-institutional project that provides 24 labs to be implemented within first year post-secondary physical geography courses. The labs have been developed to be easily adapted for various course structures, durations, and differing laboratory learning objectives set out by instructors. ​
June SkeeterGeographyProfessor June Skeeter makes course materials for their GEOS 270 course publicly available through GitHub, creating engaging and customized learning modules and saving students the cost of a textbook.​
Amaan MeraliHistoryDr. Amaan Merali ensures HIST 405 and HIST 354 are accessible by assigning course materials which are free to students, as well as providing recordings of lectures and lecture slides.​
Lisa NathanInformationDr. Lisa Nathan builds her courses around open access resources, ensuring that all students have access without financial barriers.​
Tess PrendergastInformationDr. Tess Prendergast makes all the course material for LIBR 520 available through Canvas, with no required textbook.​
Denise GabrielIntegrated SciencesDr. Denise Gabriel ensures that all required readings for ISCI 360 are available to students free of cost. In 2021, Dr. Gabriel worked with a small team to develop a virtual version of ISCI 361/461, a field course usually taught in Iceland. Complete with video diaries, expert interviews, and even a message from the president of Iceland, the virtual course provided an accessible, immersive experience for students who were unable to travel.​
Benjamin BruceJournalism, Writing, and MediaDr. Benjamin Bruce makes use of open textbooks and problem books in his MATH 200 course and encourages students to explore other open resources available online to deepen their understanding. ​
Azita Madadi-NoeiLand and Food SystemsDr. Azita Madadi-Noei condenses all the course material for FNH 200 into well-organized lessons posted on Canvas, with no commercial textbook required.​
Brian WettonMathematicsDr. Wetton provided open textbooks and workbooks for his MATH 104 students, saving them the cost of expensive textbooks and subscriptions. ​
Albert ChauMathematicsProfessor Albert Chau reduced costs for students by teaching with the openly licensed CLP Calculus Textbooks created by UBC Mathematics Department faculty, rather than a commercial alternative.​
Lior SilbermanMathematicsDr. Lior Silberman does not require the purchase of a textbook for his courses, instead making use of the open access CLP calculus textbooks, and other texts available through the library.​
Mark Thomas Mac LeanMathematicsDr. Mark Mac Lean uses a UBC-developed open textbook for his MATH 104 course. Dr. Mac Lean further supplements the textbook with workbooks and practice questions to enrich student understanding. ​​
Elyse YeagerMathematicsDr. Elyse Yeager is one of the three faculty members in Mathematics behind the CLP series of free online texts used by thousands of UBC students every year. ​
Anthony WachsMathematicsDr. Anthony Wachs teaches MATH 100 using the open access CLP Calculus textbooks and problem books developed at UBC. ​
Usman MuhammadMathematicsDr. Usman Muhammad uses an open access textbook for MATH 100, saving students the cost of a commercial calculus textbook. ​
Peter HarringtonMathematicsDr. Peter Harrington saves MATH 100 students the cost of a calculus textbook by making use of the UBC-developed, open access CLP Calculus Textbooks. ​
Eric CytrynbaumMathematicsDr. Eric Cytrynbaum uses an open access textbook and problem books developed by UBC Faculty for MATH 100. ​
Agnes d’EtremontMechanical EngineeringDr. Agnes d’Entremont is a strong advocate for the use of OER on campus, especially for engineering students. She not only uses OER for her courses, but also actively works towards contributing to the OER community. ​
Carl Ollivier-GoochMechanical EngineeringDr. Carl Ollivier-Gooch provided annotated lectures and all required course material for MECH 587 and 581 through Canvas, with no textbook or paid subscriptions required.​
Evelyn SunMicrobiologyDr. Sun has revamped the MICB 201 course to include open educational resources and an e-textbook customized for the course.​
Tracy KionMicrobiology and ImmunologyDr. Tracy Kion ensures that the required readings for her courses are freely accessible for students, adapting course topics into easy-to-read chapters on Canvas with interactive components attached to each chapter.​
Natania AbebeNursingNatania Abebe developed an open educational resource toolkit and film to support students to think critically about the structural and socio-political inequities that affect them, while centering climate change and mental health. ​
Roland StullOcean and Atmospheric ScienceDr. Roland Stull is a longstanding open champion. His open textbook, Practical Meteorology, was one of the earliest open textbooks created and used at UBC and other institutions. ​
Samuel BeswickPeter A. Allard School of LawDr. Samuel Beswick compiled and edited Tort Law: Cases and Studies, an open access casebook for introductory classes on torts at Canadian law schools. This is an invaluable resource for many courses, including LAW 241.​
Kristen ThomasenPeter A. Allard School of LawProfessor Kristen Thomasen provides access to all lectures and readings for LAW 241 through Canvas, with no paid course materials required.​
Eric MargolisPhilosophyDr. Eric Margolis keeps PHIL 101 accessible by providing recordings of lectures and ensuring that the extensive reading list is available at no cost to students.​
Dave GilbertPhilosophyDr. Dave Gilbert is developing a project that combines a revision to an open textbook for Logic with Carnap. This will allow students to save money not only on a textbook, but also on homework software that they might otherwise be asked to pay for.
Anders KraalPhilosophyDr. Anders Kraal prioritizes providing course resources that are free of cost which allows students to focus on course content rather than how they will pay for materials.​
James CharboneauPhysics and AstronomyDr. James Charbonneau ensures that all course materials are available to students at no cost and incorporates interactive open access resources such as PhET simulations and applets for astronomy in his teaching.​
Georg RiegerPhysics and AstronomyProfessor Rieger has incorporated an open textbook into his physics teaching and has eliminated textbook costs in Physics 117. He also received an OER Fund grant to create an enhanced open physics textbook that will be useful for all students whose first language is not English.​
Joss IvesPhysics and AstronomyDr. Joss Ives teaches PHYS 117 using readings and homework problems from an openly licensed textbook available through OpenStax.​
Efran RezaiePhysics and AstronomyProfessor Efran Rezai teaches PHYS 100 using customized, open access resources made available through edX, while also contributing to the transformation of other physics courses into open courses.​
Aaron BoleyPhysics and AstronomyDr. Aaron Boley assigns an open source textbook in ASTR 101, as well as open source simulations to enhance learning.​
Allen SensPolitical ScienceDr. Allen Sens incorporates multimedia and interactive learning materials into POLI 369, rather than relying on a commercial textbook. ​
Robert FarkaschPolitical ScienceDr. Robert Farkasch assigns readings which are either open access or available through the library, saving students the cost of a textbook, and making it easy to keep course materials up to date with current events.​
Matthew WrightPolitical ScienceDr. Matthew Wright avoids assigning costly textbooks wherever possible, instead making use of open access materials, as well as resources available through the library.​
Lillian MayPsychologyDr. Lillian May served as an open champion during the transition to online learning when she altered her course reading lists to contain only open content that was freely accessible to all her students.​
Hagar GoldbergPsychologyDr. Hagar Goldberg does not require students to purchase a textbook for PSYCH 301, but instead creates a dynamic list of readings and course materials students can access at no cost. ​
Andrew BaronPsychologyDr. Andrew Baron avoids burdening his students with costly textbooks by compiling custom course materials for his psychology courses.​
Simon LolliotPsychologyDr. Simon Lolliot was an early adopter of open textbooks rather than paid textbooks. Beyond cost-saving, his incorporation of interactive materials further bolsters student learning and engagement.​
Ruth FreemanSauder School of BusinessDr. Ruth Freedman provided students access to slides, problem sets, and case studies instead of assigning a textbook.​
Greg WerkerSauder School of BusinessDr. Greg Werker provides access to recorded lectures and all course materials for COMM 190 through Canvas.​
Maddison ZapachSauder School of BusinessMaddison Zapach has contributed to the creation of OERs used in UBC courses and beyond, including the Second Edition of Tort Law: Cases and Commentaries.​
Oral RobinsonSociologyConsiderate of the high costs of textbooks for undergraduate students, Dr. Oral Robinson assigned readings for his SOCI 302 and SOCI 200 courses which were either openly accessible or provided through the library. ​In 2022, with support from the OER Fund, Dr. Robinson completed Practicing and Presenting Social Research, an open access research manual for undergraduates.​
Alexander WilsonSociologyAlexander Wilson co-developed the OER Practicing and Presenting Social Research with Dr. Oral Robinson, contributing to the researching, writing, editing, and publishing. ​
Alyssa AlexanderSociologyDr. Alyssa Alexander ensures that the textbook and required readings for SOCI 200 are accessible and free to access for students.​
Trevor CampbellStatisticsDr. Trevor Campbell ensures that all materials used in his course are freely available, both in final and source code form, to students and the general public.​
Rudolfo LourenzuttiStatisticsDr. Rodolfo Lourenzutti supports equitable education and ensures that all reading materials for STAT 200 are available to students free of cost.​
Ben BurrStatisticsProfessor Benjamin Burr keeps STAT 200 accessible by providing lecture notes online, and not requiring the purchase of a textbook.​
Liane ChenZoologyDr. Liane Chen uses an open access textbook for BIOL 200, saving students from having to purchase a costly a commercial alternative.​