The OER Fund consists of two grant pathways with different application cycles. The OER Implementation Grants deadline is November 29th, 2019 at 3pm. The OER Rapid Innovation Grants are available on a rolling basis until the allocated funds are exhausted

Before proceeding, please be sure to read all criteria, eligibility, and application instructions:

Departmental Head Approval

For OER Implementation grants, the Department Head/Unit Head, Director, or equivalent of the Principal Applicant, must be consulted and agree to support the project. As part of the application package: please download the OER Implementation Grant Departmental Head form (pdf), collect the required information (including departmental head signatures, scan and upload it using the online application form.

Attend a Consulting Session

Between September and November, we will be hosting weekly drop-in consulting sessions.The full schedule of OER Fund consulting sessions, as well as OER related workshops, is available on the CTLT Events Open Education Calendar.

  • Project budgets must be reasonable and in line with the objectives of the project. OER Rapid Innovation Grant budgets must include a clear explanation for all costs associated with the project.
  • OER Rapid Innovation grants cannot be used to purchase external consulting or other types of services where expertise and support is available within UBC at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner.
  • Any catering requests should be proportionate and reasonable and clearly show how such support will maximize the benefit of the overall project goals.
  • You can consult with CTLT to develop the budget for your project either at OER Fund drop-in sessions or by contacting Jeff Miller, Senior Associate Director, CTLT ( to arrange a time for a private consultation.

Item Estimated Range of Cost
Student Wages If you plan to employ students in OER Fund projects, you should use the rates below in determining your project budget.

  • CUPE 2278 (as of July 1, 2018). A portion ($8.00/hr) of the wages below may be subsidized under the UBC Work Learn Program. The CUPE 2278 rates below include vacation pay.
  • GTA I = $32.53/hr or $1,670.88/month
  • GTA II = $31.30/hr or $1,561.44/month
  • UTA I = $17.49/hr or $839.52/month
  • UTA II = $15.61/hr or $749.28/month
  • Marker = $14.98/hr or $719.04/month
Faculty course release $10,000 per course (OER Implementation Grants only. Limit is one course release per project).
Learning Resource Design / Instructional Design

$65.00/hr (UBC staff)
Graphic Design;
$40.00-$56.00/hr (UBC staff)
$25.00-$30.00/hr (UBC graduate student)
$17.00-$20.00/hr (UBC undergraduate student)
Project Manager $65.00/hr (UBC staff)
$25.00-$30.00/hr (UBC graduate student)
$17.00-$20.00/hr (UBC undergraduate student)
Additional Wages
  • Project Worker: $15.40-$16.43/hr
  • Project Assistant: $17.95-$19.03/hr
  • Office/Library Worker: $18.02/hr
  • Researcher/Professional: $22.12-$31.86/hr
OER Hosting and Sharing The UBC Library and CTLT will support OER hosting and sharing. Free OER hosting is available through a number of platforms including UBC cIRcle, UBC Blogs, UBC CMS, UBC Wiki and external OER repositories.