Funded Projects

Funded YearGrant TypePrinciple InvestigatorFacultyProject TitleFunded Amount
2020/21Implementation GrantAgnes d’EntremontApplied ScienceDeveloping dynamics practice problem resources in MechanicsMap and WeBWorK $24,986
2020/21Implementation GrantJonathan VerrettApplied ScienceAdopting Interactive learning resources for an introductory chemical engineering design course to reduce course material costs and enhance student learning.$19,356
2020/21Implementation GrantSilvia BartolicArts“Families Across the Life Course”: A Canadian Open Text$24,253
2020/21Rapid InnovationSiobhán McElduffArtsUnRoman Romans: an OER on difference and stigma in ancient Rome$1,000
2020/21Rapid InnovationJudy ChanLFSOpening Introductory Food Science Content on UBC Wiki$1,000
2020/21Rapid InnovationUma KumarArtsThe Significance of Artefacts in the Understanding of the Holocaust$993
2020/21Rapid InnovationErin FieldsLibraryZines as Open Pedagogy - GRSJ 102 Zine Faire$830
2020/21Rapid InnovationKatherine LyonArtsOpen Educational Resources as an Approach to Globalizing Students’ Introduction to Sociology$958
2020/21Rapid InnovationRobert WoollardMedicineOpen Educational Resources for Interdisciplinary Undergraduates in Public Health: a video about integrative health promotion systems from India$1,000
2020/21Implementation GrantGeorg RiegerVantage/ScienceEnhancement and Customization of an Open Physics Textbook for International Students$23,258
2020/21Implementation GrantLaurie McNeillArtsFull STEAM Ahead: Digital Teaching and Learning Resources for Writing Courses in STEM Disciplines$24,461
2020/21Implementation GrantSeckin DemirbasScienceOpen textbook on mathematical writing, proof and logic$25,000
2020/21Implementation GrantElyse YeagerScienceTransition Math 105 From Traditional Textbook to OER$24,031
2020/21Implementation GrantSurita JhangianiEducationOpening Educational Psychology: Pathways to inclusivity and student centered practices $24,900
2020/21Implementation GrantTara MulderArtsOpen-Access Greek and Roman Mythology$24,400
2020/21Implementation GrantPeter CriptonApplied ScienceCreation of an open source, WeBWorK based, problem library for undergraduate biomechanics courses$14,308