2020 Bartolic

Project Title “Families Across the Life Course”: A Canadian Open Text
Principal Investigator Silvia Bartolic
  • James White, Professor Emeritus, Sociology, Faculty of Arts 
  • Todd Martin, Dean and Associate Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Trinity Western University
Faculty Arts
Funding Year 2019/20
Project Summary The Department of Sociology at UBC is in a unique position to offer an undergraduate major and minor in Sociology as well as a minor in Family Studies. The field of Family Studies is interdisciplinary in nature examining theory and research from Sociology, Psychology, Demography and health related disciplines. The goal of this project is to revise and convert to an open educational resource, a lower level introduction to family textbook “Families Across the Life Course”that was formerly published by Pearson Education and used in approximately 13 higher education institutions across Canada.

The copyright of the first edition of this textbook has reverted to the authors who are co-applicants of this project and who support updating, converting, and expanding of the resource into an open resource. This open textbook will be used by the principal applicant in SOCI 200, by approximately 200 UBC students per year and will also likely be used by additional instructors at UBC in other sections of SOCI 200 in whole or in part as well as other higher education institutions in British Columbia (e.g. Trinity Western University where a co-applicant is teaching this course) and across Canada.

The project will allow the applicants (as well as other instructors of family related courses) to adapt Canadian materials to best suit the needs and structure of their particular courses as well as provide students free access to course materials that may otherwise be cost prohibitive. To our knowledge, there is no existing open education textbook in family studies beyond content in a chapter or two in an introductory Sociology or Psychology textbook. The new text will also address gaps around LGBTQ and Indigenous families. The timing of this project is a real opportunity as a widely used and tried text can be open sourced, updated, and improved through adding new and contextual information. The project will redevelop textbook content as well as associated PowerPoint and assessment components (testbank and instructor manual). In large lower level courses, where time and resources are at a premium, having available PowerPoint, assessment and teaching suggestions can make the adoption of a text more likely. The testbank will include approximately 40 multiple choice questions and 5-10 short answer/essay questions per chapter. The book will be published online via Pressbooks.
Grant type OER Implementation
Funded Amount $24,253