2020 Chan

Project Title Opening Introductory Food Science Content on UBC Wiki
Principal Investigator Judy Chan
  • Azita Madadi-Noei Lecturer, Food, Nutrition and Health Academic Advisor, Master of Food Science (MFS) Program Faculty of Land and Food Systems
  • Jennifer McQueen Sessional Lecturer, Food, Nutrition and Health Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Faculty LFS
Funding Year 2019/20
Project Summary We would like to update and enhance an existing open education resource for an introductory food science course, FNH 200, in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Approximately 900 students from all over campus enroll in FNH 200 each in about eight sessions each year. Content in FNH 200 went through a major revision in 2016 and is actively being updated in Canvas by course instructors. Although a version of the course content was made available on UBC Wiki (wiki.ubc.ca/Course:FNH200) as an open education resource (CC by-nc-sa 3.0) since 2011, a rigorous update of its content is lacking since 2016. An open education resource is important for all students enrolled in FNH 200. Students who plan to advance their academic career in food science can review basic food science concepts before and during their studies in 300- and 400-level courses. For many students who take FNH 200 as an elective, FNH 200 may serve as their most reliable source of food science information for the rest of their life. Having an open resource outside of Canvas is of particular value to all students after their completion of FNH 200. There are three major objectives for this project: (1) align content of the Wiki pages based on existing current content hosted inside Canvas, (2) update Wiki editing skills among course instructors, and (3) create a pool of open quiz questions. We propose to hire a student to align the content, text, graphics, images, critical thinking questions, and reflective questions of the course Wiki pages with those hosted on course Canvas site. As we provide Wiki editing training to the student worker, we would also like to arrange a time for the course instructors to learn about the latest wiki edit features. The Wiki visual editor is a new feature that was not available at the time when the course content was added to the Wiki pages in 2011. A training session for the course instructors as well as the student assistant may renew the interest in using UBC Wiki as a platform to host course content in the future; nevertheless, the most immediate need is to update content currently available on the Wiki pages. Once the first two objectives are met and if funding continues to be available, we would like to explore the possibility of adding some self-guided quiz questions onto the Wiki page to allow learners to assess (and re-assess) their understanding of the content on their own. We plan to use all funding available ($1000) on student salary at roughly $20 (undergraduate) to $ 30 (graduate) per hour. We are confident that the update (objective #1) can be achieved with the current funding and we would be pleased with our student may help us start the creation of the quiz questions pool (objective #3) should funding is available. We would also like to request from CTLT to provide training of the student assistants as well as the course instructors to achieve our objective #2.
Grant type Rapid Innovation
Funded Amount $1,000