2020 Fields

Project Title Zines as Open Pedagogy – GRSJ 102 Zine Faire
Principal Investigator Erin Fields
  • Dr. Jessi Taylor, Instructor, Faculty of Arts, Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Department
  • Alexandra Alisauskas, Open Education Co-op Student, UBC Library, Humanities and Social Sciences Division
Faculty UBC Library
Funding Year 2019/20
Project Summary This project introduces students to the historical and ongoing activist medium of zines through a hands-on approach that incorporates open pedagogical practices. This project intends to familiarise students with the creation of zines, their historical context, and the role that zines continue to play in social justice activism today. As a medium that has inherently incorporated the concepts of remix and reuse (through collage, for instance), ethical questions around intellectual property in openly shared materials, and students as knowledge creators, this project will also introduce students to core issues of open educational resource creation. The project includes two outcomes: 1. the implementation of a zine-making course project as open pedagogy in GRSJ 102 2. a workshop for other UBC instructors on zines as open pedagogy and open educational resources by the project organizers. This GRSJ 102 course component will incorporate lectures about zines, a guest lecture that connects zines to the social activism happening in Hong Kong in 2019, and workshops with the library to teach students about self-publishing, copyright and creative commons licensing, intellectual property rights, and open education practices. The outcome of this project is to have the 75 students in the class work together in smaller groups to collectively create their own zines around self-chosen topics that will allow students to bring community into the classroom. Conversely, this project aims to have students bring the classroom (in particular, the student’s own work) into the wider UBC community.

The students’ zines will be incorporated into a ‘Zine Faire’ day open to the UBC community and put on display for the month of March in Koerner Library. Students will also be given the opportunity to lead zine workshops with campus groups, or to share the materials they create on cIRcle. Throughout, students will be given many opportunities for self-driven learning, and for openly sharing the resources they are creating. As an Open Education project, this project also intends to share its findings through openly licensed instructional materials, a blog post explaining how the project works on open.ubc.ca, and proposing a zines as open pedagogy workshop at one of the CTLT Institutes (Summer 2020 or Winter 2020) or through the Open UBC workshop series.
Grant type Rapid Innovation
Funded Amount $830