2020 Kumar

Project Title The Significance of Artefacts in the Understanding of the Holocaust
Principal Investigator Uma Kumar
Faculty Arts
Funding Year 2019/20
Project Summary I have already created and implemented OER in this course. All my course materials for GERM 426 Representations of the Holocaust in German Lit. & Film (in English) are available on UBC Library Course Online Reserves (LOCR) online. I have a class website on UBC Blogs too. I now wish to make available a project by students on Artefacts of the Holocaust as part of an open education resource. My students from GERM 426 (Jan-April 2020) course (CENES Department/UBC) will be involved as partners in this project. Students will write an essay of at least 1500 words in length by choosing two artefacts from the collection of Holocaust-related artefacts that are available online at https://collections.vhec.org/. The online collection show cases artefacts entrusted to the VHEC by Holocaust survivors and their families. Students will also visit an upcoming exhibition which will display rich artefacts from the archive of the Hahn family.

Students will describe in detail two artefacts that in their opinion are significant for understanding the Holocaust. They will give basic information about the objects they have chosen including how they were created, who made them and how they were used. The essay will include information on what we know about the role of the artefacts in people’s lives. It will also touch upon what the two artefacts they have chosen symbolize in the context of the Holocaust and if their meaning changed over time. If so, how. Students will connect the two artefacts they chose to relevant sections of the readings from the course. The readings include first person accounts, memoirs, diaries, essays, graphic novels and poems that portray the Holocaust in a broader historical and social context. The essay can also refer to the documentaries and excerpts from feature films that we will watch and discuss in class. The essays will be posted on UBC Blogs in a course website or another UBC Learning Management Tool with the prior consent of the students. As a part of this OER project, students will also have the memorable experience of listening to a survivor speaker recount his/her rare and precious account of survival. This will be followed by a Question and Answer session. This talk will be recorded and posted on UBC Blogs. Students will also have access to talks by survivor speakers from previous years.
Grant type Rapid Innovation
Funded Amount $993