2020 McElduff

Project Title UnRoman Romans: an OER on difference and stigma in ancient Rome
Principal Investigator Siobhán McElduff
Team Members
  • Grace Guy
  • Keith Warner-Harder
  • Luoyao (Lorreiya) Zhang
  • Sophie Roth
  • Danielle Lee
  • James McKitrick
Faculty Arts
Funding Year 2019/20
Project Summary This OER is a reader on socially stigmatized groups in ancient Rome: actors athletes, dancers, sex workers, and sexual non-comformists. The reader was created as part of a class, and using student-scholars who contributed parts of the readers as part of their course assignments. It contains out of copyright and original translations of ancient texts, along with introductions, glossaries, images and other explanatory material. It is currently in progress and hosted on BCcampus’ version of Pressbooks; once it is published it will be sent for peer review, and be the only reader available for students interested in exploring this area of Roman society. It will continue to be added to and edited by student-scholars each time the course is run and will eventually be almost entirely student produced.
Grant type Rapid Innovation
Funded Amount $1,000