2020 Metcalfe

Project Title Open EDST: Creating a departmental dialogue about open educational resources
Principal Investigator Amy Scott Metcalfe
Project Summary

The issues: As we move more of our courses online as part of UBC’s pandemic response, members of the Department of Educational Studies (EDST) are creating new open educational resources (OER), searching for existing OER to incorporate into their courses, asking critical questions about open pedagogy, and becoming more aware of open access research dissemination practices. Amid this move to online instruction, as the pandemic continues to disrupt global society and inequality is intensified, there is greater need for educational resources that offer anti-racist, decolonizing, and community- based perspectives, which are focal areas of research and teaching in EDST. As we are also working and learning from home, we are isolated from the types of collegial interactions that facilitate pedagogical and collective discussions within the department. This OER Rapid Innovation Grant will enable EDST to participate in OER awareness activities and critically reflect on the promises and limitations of open pedagogies during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Who we are: Our department is home to 33 faculty members and five support staff. The mission of EDST is to advance knowledge about critical issues facing education, educators, and learners in multiple contexts. In pursing our mission, students, faculty, and staff in EDST value equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and social justice, support for Indigenous educational advancement and decolonization, respectful engagement with our community partners, criticality in our approach to educational orthodoxies, and integrity in our relationships. Open educational resources (OER) created by EDST students and faculty have widespread applicability to other courses at UBC and as resources for the community beyond the university. Examples of OER already developed by EDST students and instructors include lecture recordings on SoundCloud, presentations on YouTube, instructional materials and open access publications available on cIRcle, open access journal articles, wiki pages on various topics, Creative Commons handouts and course materials, and interviews with guest speakers on YouTube.

The project: The Open EDST project aims to involve our graduate students, many of whom are currently or will be instructors or TAs for our undergraduate courses, in an initiative to: 1) build awareness of departmental open educational practices and materials through a wiki-based directory of OER created by EDST students and faculty, and, 2) interview EDST students and faculty about their use of, interest in, or critiques of open pedagogy, open access publication, and open educational resources, to be distributed online as a podcast series in 2020-2021. Our courses: EDST offers undergraduate and graduate courses, serving students from a variety of departments and faculties, including courses for the Education Minor in the Faculty of Arts.

As new OER are created for our courses, the Open EDST project will focus our efforts by making these resources more easily accessible to other instructors and students at UBC and elsewhere.

Faculty Education
Funding Year 2019/2020
Grant type Rapid Innovation
Funded Amount $1,000