2020 Monga

Project Title Adaptation of new OER for Chem 250
Principal Investigator Vishakha Monga
Faculty SCIE
Funding Year

The motivation for this project is to produce a comprehensive resource which promotes active learning for the students taking Chem 250 and is specifically tailored to fulfil the curriculum requirements of this course. Moreover, the Faculty of Applied Science recently completed a curriculum reform (2018-19). As part of the proposed changes, Chem 250 was changed from a 2-credit to 3-credit course. An updated list of topics necessitates adding ~50% new material and an overhaul of existing course material to adapt the new content. With the increased workload, it has become even more important to give students detailed conceptual background. In addition to the fundamental principles of introductory inorganic chemistry, the content will include relevant examples of some industrial chemical processes, practice questions and online links for students.

While I am working on the content aspect of it, there is a design aspect to preparing a comprehensive resource which has additional features such as clickable online links, embedded videos and demonstrations, QR codes for industrial application websites, and interactive tools for the online resource.

The background material for this resource comes from other open education resources such as undergraduate chemistry books in Pressbooks and Libretexts. I am preparing my modules by using relevant sections from the open e-books and adapting books from different resources into an online platform such as Pressbooks.

Grant type Rapid Innovation
Funded Amount $1,000