2020 Woollard

Project Title Open Educational Resources for Interdisciplinary Undergraduates in Public Health: a video about integrative health promotion systems from India
Principal Investigator Robert Woollard
Faculty Medicine
Funding Year 2019/20
Project Summary The course I co-teach, Gender and Health, SPPH 381B, focuses on holistic systems of health and students have shown a great appetite for learning more about Ayurveda and yoga from a theoretical perspective. For our next offering of this new course, we’ll focus more on Ayurveda, yoga and other Indigenous forms of health promotion and disease prevention. With this grant, we will begin the creation of a video about Ayurveda and yoga, with footage taken in early-mid 2020, by Dr Shroff. We are working with others to help make suggestions for improving it, including some of our students who work with us at Maternal and Infant Health Canada (MIHCan) which Dr Shroff founded and leads. The AMS MIHCan club will also make suggestions for improving the video and we’ll use clips of it on our website. We are confident that a video will be an excellent supplement to our rich reading list and other learning materials. Videos have been shown to improve learning, catalyzing more efficient processing and memory recall, making them popular amongst educators (i). We plan to have the video ready for September 2020, the next offering of the course. We’ll make it available under Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-SA, on the MIHCan Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other accounts and on YouTube, Vimeo, in UBC Library’s institutional repository, cIRcle and other sites. We will do a public launch of the video with other funding, in the fall of 2020, and this will be open to all. We’ll advertise it widely, using MIHCan’s social media. We plan to put on the video launch event with the AMS MIHCan club and other student groups who have very wide social media reach. We are accustomed to working with student groups and regularly work with AMS Amnesty International and other clubs.
Grant type Rapid Innovation
Funded Amount $1,000