2020 Yeager

Project Title Transition Math 105 From Traditional Textbook to OER
Principal Investigator Elyse Yeager
Co-Investigators Nisha Malhotra, Senior Instructor, Department of Economics
Faculty Science
Funding Year 2019/20
Project Summary This project will transition Math 105 from a paid, commercial textbook to OER.

Math 105 is a second-semester calculus course with applications to commerce and social sciences. It has a projected enrolment for Spring 2019 of around 1000 students. Currently, Math 105 follows a paper textbook. Some homework is tied to the most recent textbook edition, so students buying an older edition are at a disadvantage.

Second-semester calculus in most universities covers integration and series. Our course, Math 105, additionally includes content traditionally found in third-semester calculus. It also has a short section about continuous probability, a topic not usually found in a calculus course. Furthermore, at many universities, business calculus courses are often less rigorous than other calculus courses. This is not the case at UBC, and we do not want to sacrifice the quality of our syllabus.

Because our course is non-standard in these ways, we will need to remix existing materials into a tailor-made resource. We can combine standard non-business texts for second and third year calculus to make a rigorous backbone, then add exercises and examples from books tailored to business. We can find probability resources from other open texts to add in.

The course currently includes written homework exercises from the textbook. These will be thoughtfully replaced by exercises from the new resource. WeBWorK exercises are currently tied to the treatment and order of topics in the textbook, and these will be updated as well. The learning goals, developed by CWSEI fellows, make explicit references to the paid text (such as “Skip example 3.1”) which will also be updated.
Grant type OER Implementation
Funded Amount $24,031