Are you looking to connect with others on campus who are doing similar work or are interested in similar topics?

Do you have a great idea or approach to openness that you’d love to pass on?

Are you interested in collaborating in hopes of making a greater change?

The Open UBC Working Group is a great way to share and learn from others on the UBC campus and beyond.

The Open UBC Working Group, which is comprised of faculty, students, and staff, has been meeting regularly to advise, communicate, and partner on the development of resources and strategies for supporting open scholarship at UBC.

Open Scholarship is a broad and somewhat loose term that has emerged in response to a need to identify and speak to a growing number of open practices within academia. Open Access, Open Science, Open Data, and Open Education make up a sprawling landscape of interconnected approaches to and focuses on “openness”.

Collectively, the Open UBC Working Group is a place to discuss, share, and develop advocacy strategies for open scholarship at UBC.  In addition to serving as a place of community for those interested in various areas of open, the working group reviews and approves applications to the OER Rapid Innovation Grant Program and works closely with representatives from the Library, CTLT and AMS to operationalize institutional approaches to open scholarship.

Flexibility is a major benefit of the working group. Whether you are interested in actively contributing to discussions, agendas, and projects, or you choose to engage on the periphery, the working group is welcome to all levels of participation. Meetings are held on the last Monday of every month. A meeting agenda will be sent out to the listserv.

The primary form of communication employed by the working group will be the OPENUBC-WG listserv As a subscriber, you will be able to receive and send emails to the group. The listserv will be used primarily as a mechanism to share out agenda items for meetings. To join the Open UBC Working Group, subscribe to the listserv and introduce yourself.

To join the listserv:

  1. Send an email to with the words subscribe OPENUBC-WG  in the body.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes.  Click on the confirmation link within the email
  3. You will receive another email to confirm that you are now subscribed to the list
  4. You can now send messages to

To unsubscribe:

  1. Send an email to with the words unsubscribe OPENUBC-WG in the body.

Note: Do not include a signature in the email body. The signature will stop your subscription from going through. The only thing in the body of the email should be the SUBSCRIBE commands.

Each meeting will have two standing items, a Roundtable and OER Rapid Innovation Grant Application Review.

  • Roundtable - This part of the meeting will encourage participants to share their work and engagement in open scholarship with the group.
  • OER Rapid Innovation Grant Application Review - The OER Rapid Innovation Grants provide funding for a wide range of activities and events that seek to engage the UBC community in increasing awareness and capacity for supporting and sustaining the adoption, adaption, and creation of OER at UBC V. The Open UBC Working Group will review all applications on an ongoing basis and make funding recommendations to the CTLT Academic Director.

The remainder of the meeting agendas will be planned based on the thematic coverage for the month.

Thematic Schedule 2020/2021

  • April - Open Education
  • May - Open Education
  • June - TBD
  • July - August - Break
  • September - Open Education
  • October - Open Access
  • November - TBD
  • December - Break