Beyond the Classroom is a Q&A series where ALT-2040 project teams share their thoughts and experiences leading learning transformation at UBC Okanagan. This Q&A features: Lead Applicant: Dr. Zoë Soon Project: Development of Open Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology Instructor and Student Resources that Promote and Support EDI in Health Care Education
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Analytics@Sauder is a collection of open-source business analytics tools and resources to enhance data analysis and meta-skills for business analytics professionals of all skill levels — including students in UBC Sauder School of Business Master of Business Analytics, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, and Master of Management programs.
This open program is designed to help instructors adapt their courses for the online environment and prepare them to teach online. The program includes an openly licensed course with self-paced modules.
This open toolkit includes five videos demonstrating basic communication skills and a teaching guide for instructors. The videos are a series of short vignettes of counselling sessions between a social worker and a client.
StatSpace is an easily-searchable repository of resources for teaching and learning statistics.

The Downtown Eastside Research Access Portal provides access to research and research-related materials about Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). Browse by topic or search for items about the DTES, including scholarly articles and research summaries, as well as community materials such as reports, historical documents, and more.

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This is a catalogue of open texts created by faculty and students at the University of British Columbia in support of open educational practices on campus. These texts were made with support from UBC Library. To learn about open publishing supports available at UBC, contact UBC Library.
An open textbook developed by Siobhán McElduff (CNERS) of primary sources on Roman games and spectacles in their various forms.
An open textbook by Erick Villagomez (SCARP) on the the laws underlying human settlements of all sizes and across all cultures.
An open textbook developed by Chelsea Himsworth, Kaylee Byers, and Jennifer Gardy (PPH) on science ccommunication.
An adaption of the Principles of Social Psychology open textbook by Dr. Benjamin Cheung (Psychology) including removing the section on leadership, condensing and merging the chapters on competition and cooperation into the chapter on working groups.
An open textbook created by Somayeh Kamranian (FHIS) to make reading literary books easier for the students by creating an open textbook reader using Public Domain 19th century French literature.