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a graph. Open activity increasing as the no of year increase

Open UBC Snapshots: Textbook Displacements by Open Resources

By Will Engle on December 10, 2016

Open UBC Snapshots is a new resource that will quantify and explore emerging trends in open educational practices at UBC...

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Jon Festinger at a class

Open Dialogues: How to Engage with a New Generation of Learners

By Emi Sasagawa on November 8, 2016

If you google “video game law” the first entry directs you to a UBC course website for Law 423B. The course, first taught five years ago, started out as a conventional law course...

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Eric Cytrynbaum teaching at his class

Open Dialogues: How to Rethink Textbooks

By Heather McCabe and Emi Sasagawa on November 3, 2016

In an effort to customize materials for their courses and save students money on rising textbook fees, instructors in the Math department at UBC have adopted open or freely accessible textbooks....

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Claudia Krebs with a diagram on a chalkboard

Open Dialogues: How to make education more accessible

By Emi Sasagawa on June 30, 2016

When Claudia Krebs, professor of teaching in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC, first thought of making videos for a course in neuroanatomy, her focus was on re-thinking how students are taught in medical school...

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Maja teaching at her class

Open Dialogues: How to engage the general public

By Emi Sasagawa on April 1, 2016

“A lot of people in urban centres are aware of air quality, water quality. These are absolutely important issues, but so is soil,” said Maja Krzic...

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Arthur Gill Green teaching at class

Open Dialogues: How to Practice Responsible Pedagogy

By Emi Sasagawa on March 18, 2016

Arthur Gill Green’s interest in open education practices developed early in his career. . Just as he was finishing his first course, he noticed something peculiar...

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Rosie Redfield at her office

Open Dialogues: How to Make Teaching More Student-Centered

By Emi Sasagawa on March 17, 2016

Rosie Redfield has been doing science in the open for a long time. For over two decades she has been putting her grant proposals online – which “is just about unheard of...”

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