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Syzygy is a project of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, Compute Canada and Cybera to bring Jupyter notebooks to researchers, educators and innovators across Canada.

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Pressbooks is an online publishing platform that is built on the WordPress publishing and blogging platform.

Scarfe Digital Sandbox

Scarfe Digital Sandbox

The Scarfe Digital Sandbox is a virtual space for teacher candidates and faculty to explore technology integration. The openly licensed resources contains educational technology guides that highlight what the technology is, why it is relevant, and how to get started.

UBC Wiki

The UBC Wiki is a university-wide wiki designed to provide a collaborative writing and content development environment for instructors and students. It can be used for open education resources, open courses, group authoring on a topic, peer review/editing, class resource development (adding annotated links/building a shared resource for a class), and documentation development (resource manuals or guides that need to be updated regularly).

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Open Access Journal Hosting

The UBC Library provides access to server space and to the open source Open Journal Systems software for UBC faculty members who are editing or supporting Open Access electronic journals as well as recognized UBC student journals. This includes BC Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly and the Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice.

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