Open Dialogues: How to use social pedagogies and the web as an educator

by Emi Sasagawa on April 4, 2017

“Scholarly practice is a word that’s usually tied to research and publications, but that doesn’t have to be all that it is. You can also do scholarly practice in more informal ways. You can do it through blogs. You can do it through conversations that you have on social media,” said Christina Hendricks, professor of […] read more

Open Education Week 2017

by Will Engle on March 10, 2017

Open Education Week, March 27-31, 2017, is an international event whose goal is to highlight how open education can help people meet their goals in teaching and learning. Each year, as part of Open Education Week, UBC showcases diverse events highlighting areas of open teaching and learning that UBC’s faculty, students and staff participate in […] read more

Minister of Advanced Education Visits UBC Class to Talk Open Textbooks

by Emi Sasagawa on April 6, 2017

Advanced Education Minister Andrew Wilkinson visited a social psychology class at UBC on February 10, to talk to students about how they have benefitted from the use of open textbooks. “The B.C. government continues to put students first by reducing student costs and making post-secondary education more accessible with open textbooks,” said Wilkinson. “The benefits […] read more

Open UBC Snapshots: Textbook Displacements by Open Resources

by Will Engle on December 1, 2016

Open UBC Snapshots is a new resource that will quantify and explore emerging trends in open educational practices at UBC. It will be updated twice a year. This edition examines the replacement of traditional textbooks by open and freely available resources. Open Practices: Increasing Activity and Impact Since 2011, at least 46,000 UBC students have […] read more

Open Dialogues: How to Engage with a New Generation of Learners

by Emi Sasagawa on April 13, 2017

If you google “video game law” the first entry directs you to a UBC course website for Law 423B. The course, first taught five years ago, started out as a conventional law course. It was based on a book. It existed in a closed space. And the only students who benefited from it were those […] read more