The Possibility of New Futures: Dreaming with Open Education – March 20

David Lam Chair in Multicultural Education Speakers Series: From Open Education to Epistemic and Social Justice

Promotional image for the talk: headshot fo the speaker Apurva Ashok with the talk title in text: The Possibility of New Futures: Dreaming with Open Education. Speaker: Apurva Ashok

Please join us virtually on March 20th at 4pm PST for the first of three talks related to the David Lam Chair in Multicultural Education. This session will focus on Open Education, exploring how you can use and create open educational materials for use in your classes. This talk is relevant for educators in both primary and secondary education, as well those in tertiary education.

The first talk in this series is by Apurva Ashok on The Possibility of New Futures: Dreaming with Open Education. In this talk Apurva Ashok will lay the foundations for topics relating to Open Education and make space for attendees to explore major undercurrents in the field. How do we conceive of the purpose and value of education in these troubling times? What are our roles as educators? What futures are we collectively imagining in our classrooms?

Apurva Ashok is the Executive Director of the Rebus Foundation, a Canadian non-profit that supports open publishing. By making space for reflection and dreaming, this session will encourage attendees to find connections between Open Education and their practice.

Session Details: