AMS Announces Call for 2024 Nominations for OER Champions

The Alma Mater Society (AMS) is proud to announce a call for for students and other members of the UBC community to nominate UBC OER Champions — the faculty, staff, and administrators who dedicate their time contributing to the use of open educational resources (OER) at UBC. 

The significant costs associated with learning materials have imposed a substantial barrier for many individuals seeking higher education. Due to this, UBC and many universities across the world have begun to adopt the use of OER. These resources, which place emphasis on removing the barriers present in higher education through the use of free teaching, learning, and research materials have helped thousands of students engage with their course content without financial pressures. While OERs may look different and have varied implementations, they share the commonality of being freely available resources that reside in the public domain permitting their free use and re-purposing by others. 

In celebration of the great strides being made on the UBC campus by progressive faculty members both adopting and creating OERs, the AMS holds an annual gala to shed light on and reward these great accomplishments. Students, at the epicenter of this resource are well positioned to appreciate and commend those faculty members who have made a difference through their work. 

Thus, we urge you to fill out the nomination form for this esteemed award, providing us with information about any faculty on campus who have made an impact through their use of OERs and how it has impacted your ability to succeed academically. This award and furthermore your nomination is an essential component of ensuring the University and students alike are able to gain a sense of appreciation and understanding for the work being done. The nomination form closes March 6