H5P Symposium: Feb 22-23

When students complete practice questions requiring them to actively recall information from memory (i.e., retrieval practice), they significantly outperform their peers who spend the same amount of time re-reading the same information. Several traditional publishers have developed online homework systems to offer students retrieval practice; however, these systems are only available behind a paywall and do not allow easy customization, open content sharing, or student authoring. This symposium showcase a free open-source html tool, H5P, that can be used to create flexible, interactive practice questions as well as opportunities for interactive content delivery. These interactive elements can be authored using UBC’s  upcoming H5P authoring tool (or an independently installed instance of H5P), then embedded within a learning management system (e.g. Canvas) or any website (e.g. WordPress). Unlike traditional online homework systems, H5P also offers opportunities for students to participate in content creation.

In this multi-day H5P symposium, we will introduce you to H5P, demonstrate its strengths and limitations, and highlight successful examples of implementation and course integration for various content types (e.g. multiple choice question sets, auto-graded essays, drag and drop, and interactive videos). There will also be studio time with the support of experienced content creators to introduce you to the authoring platform and help you brainstorm how it could be used in your context.

This symposium will take place on February 22-23 and includes a keynote, a panel, a showcase roundtable along with studio sessions and consultation clinics. For more information, including the complete program, please visit: https://events.ctlt.ubc.ca/events/h5p-symposium/