Introducing the Open Education LibGuide

Recently, UBC Library launched the new Open Education LibGuide, a guide for faculty and staff at UBC on how to find, create, and share Open Education Resources (OER), as well as providing information about various Open Communities and further reading.


The home page provides some key definitions as well as directing readers towards the various departments at UBC which provide support for OERs.


The finding pages help direct readers towards places where they can begin their search for OERs. There are 5 large, general repositories as well as repositories sorted by type of material or discipline. The materials page has repositories which are specific to different types of resources, such as audio, images, textbooks, etc. The discipline page has some repositories which contain resources specific to particular disciplines. If you know of any good repositories which are not listed here, please contact us and tell us about them!


The creating pages ask some guiding questions to help creators think more deeply about the resource they are making. It also directs people towards the supports that UBC has for Pressbooks and Open Journals. There is also a section to provide some guidance around choosing and explaining creative commons licenses.


The sharing pages explain the differences between repositories and the different features that creators might be looking for. There are seven key features that will help creators decide where to upload their resource to: hosting, licencing, peer review, accessibility, indexing, analytics, and archiving. There is a chart which outlines which features the main repositories have to help readers make a choice.
We hope that this new LibGuide will be able to help faculty and staff who are looking for some direction during their OER project. Even though we have launched this new resource, the Library is still available for consults and to provide more direct support for your project.