Open Scholarship in Practice – September 29, 2017

“Open scholarship, which encompasses open access, open data, open educational resources, and all other forms of openness in the scholarly and research environment, is changing how knowledge is created and shared.” – Association of Research Libraries

The use of open practices and new Internet technologies have the potential to reduce barriers to research and education by making it more distributed, equitable, and accurate. Indeed, the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities recently stated that the “the U15 is committed to disseminating scholarly publications and other research outputs as widely as possible in order to maximize their economic, cultural, social and health benefits, and the effectiveness of public investments in research…An individual or an institution’s access to research results should not be limited by their ability to pay for that access.The U15 encourages the collaborative development of new models of scholarly communications that would benefit the academy and the public by leveraging the power of the digital age in ways that enhance the quality of scholarly and scientific publications.”

Open practices are empowering faculty, staff and students at UBC to transform the way they create and share their research and educational efforts. Join us for a full day of hands-on workshops exploring the practice of open scholarship from new tools that can increase the reproducibility in quantitative research to new pedagogies that become possible when students and faculty members become co-creators engaged in meaningful, generative knowledge creation.  All events are free but registration is required.